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Acute Stress Disorder


What is it?
It’s uncontrollable, psychologically damaging and neurologically destructive stress that is instantly generated after an individual has been exposed to a physical, emotional or psychologically threatening situation.

What are the symptoms?
A) The person has been exposed to a traumatic event in which the following were present:
1. the person experienced, witnessed, or was confronted with an event or events that involved actual or threatened death or serious injury or a threat to the integrity of self or others
2. the person's response involved intense fear, helplessness, or horror

B) After experiencing the distressing event, the individual has three (or more) of the following symptoms:
1. a sense of numbing, detachment, or absence of emotional responsiveness
2. a reduction in awareness of his or her surroundings
3. decreased notion of reality
4. out of body experience
5. amnesia- inability to recall an important aspect of the trauma.

C) The traumatic event is persistently reexperienced in at least one of the following ways: recurrent images, thoughts, dreams, illusions, flashback episodes, or a sense of reliving the experience; or distress on exposure to reminders of the traumatic event.

D) The individual tries to avoid stimuli that arouse recollections of the trauma (e.g., thoughts, feelings, conversations, activities, places, people).

E) Symptoms of anxiety (e.g., difficulty sleeping, irritability, poor concentration, hypervigilance, exaggerated startle response, motor restlessness).

How to Treat it?
I look towards the complete cure through an interaction of various holistic techniques:
a. Psychotherapy- using CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), REBT, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)
b. Meditative Techniques- Yoga, Hypnosis, Self-hypnosis, guided thought control
c. Alternative Medications – Ayurveda, Homeopathy
d. Modern Medications- New age, non-sedative, non-addictive medications.



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