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“The value of a man is defined by his productivity”
The corporate world is the biggest financial and skilled human resource trader in modern world. Over the last few decades it has become a great social movement that has introduced socio-cultural changes throughout the globe.
The positive financial and social impact of corporate culture has exposed a new category of physical, emotional, behavioral and psychological aliments to its employees. These aliments have proven to be the biggest road-blocks in individual job satisfaction, productivity and high attrition rate.

What Mind Mantra has to offer?
I have designed wellness modules that are aimed to impact the unconscious self of an individual and use it as motivator for increasing his productivity and job satisfaction. This decreases changing of jobs, and increases performance at current job.

The modules are categorized as following:

a) Stress busting module

Method- Workshop
It has two stages.
Stage 1 – participant interaction and generation of unconscious knowledge
This makes use of techniques like:

  1. Psycho-drama
  2. Bio-energetics
  3. Knowledge on human psychology

Stage 2 – Medical examination:
This makes use of techniques like:

  1. General health check up
  2. Neuro-psychiatric check up

b) Wellness Quotient

Method – Psychometric test
Methodology- A random sample of employees are analyzed on basis of psycho-metric test to deduce to generate data about prevalent stress, types of stress, reasons for job dissatisfaction, personal stress, addictions, health problems like diabetes, hypertension, cardiac problems, etc.


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