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Mind Mantra to Stop any intruding and troubling thought within a minute


Aim- A simple mind training exercise, that will help you stop any intruding and uncomfortable thought within a minute.
It’s proven to be highly effective and efficient for natural control of recurrent, intrusive thoughts. Extremely effective in cases of mild OCD, negative thoughts, thoughts about losing control, mild PTSD, mild General anxiety, masturbation addiction, anger management, smoking addictions, etc.

1. Take a comfortable position. (you can be sitting or lying down)
2. For next 2min, switch off your mobile phone, your music player or TV
3. Visualise a big red and white board.
4. Visualise the words STOP written very boldly on the board.
5. Listen to a distant car coming towards you.
6. Visualise the car to have your thoughts sitting inside it.
7. As the car approaches you, flash the STOP sign in front of it.
8. See the car stopping.
9. Now the car and your thoughts will stop.
10. Slowly switch off the visualisation.

Your will feel how your thoughts have suddenly stopped.
Important- With constant practice of a few weeks, you will be capable to automatically bring the STOP sign as soon as the thoughts start. Don’t try to jump onto this stage. Let your mind slowly develop it. Only then will you be able to conquer your thoughts.



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